Liberty 70.3 Training Part 1

Me minus the 5 o’clock shadow.

Some days I feel a little like Don Draper after a 7 martini lunch, then other days everything is clicking and it seems like anything is possible. I’ve even brazenly told my husband that I could train for a full Ironman. Imagine the chutzpah.

I do sometimes wrestle with the point of all these hours dedicated to me and my athletic pursuits. After all I’m not aiming for an Olympic spot. But then I get caught up in the small simple motions and the repetitive steps and forget about the impractical side of personal goals. I’m betting big on the philosophy that being a happy mom/wife/person makes the lives of those around me better.


I’ve always felt at home in the pool.  I love swimming. But lately I have felt like I’m in a holding pattern.  My times have improved since I adjusted my form and started using the My Tri Swim Coach app. However, I have so much room for improvement on the bike and until I can join a masters group, I feel like it is more important to log miles on my bike.

Cycling (on & off the trainer!)

Never mind that mess behind me.

Oh the minutes & miles I have spent. Certainly not the most ever in the history of training but the MOST that I have ever completed. In my 70.3 research I have heard from everyone that the race seemed to hinge on their ability to hit all of the bike workouts. So I am superstitiously clutching to this belief that the race will go well if I make sure to commit to the bike.

The trainer workouts are mostly unremarkable. Jesse runs his long run on Saturdays while I do my long bike workout. He’s a very talented runner (and even his long runs are shorter than my bike workouts!) so I get up extra early and try to get it done before the kids wake up. So far I have been unsuccessful many many weeks in a row. For the most part the boys are very cooperative and dutifully watch cartoons while their parents are busy sweating.

Last week I got outside for 3 rides which was just incredible. Flying down the river road trails alongside the Mississippi River is so much better than sweating in my basement!

it doesn’t look scary…right?

And the biggest news is that my childhood friend Tony moved to California and left me his Felt tri bike! My super skilled neighbor and tri coach extraordinaire Kris is helping me get the fit right and then I’ll be ready to ride. Of course I’m terrified. But 2015 is the #yearofthebike so I had better get over it!


After quite a few shortened long runs due to recurring knee pain I am back on track. Running is my free space and my loyal companion. I wish I had the kind of body that could run 7 days a week.  But I’ve got what I’ve got and I’m going to just keep running 3-4 days a week and be happy that I am improving.

Something new for me is trying to run intentionally slower than my natural pace. My goal is to avoid injury and burn out while getting faster when I need to run faster. It is working as long as I give myself one run workout a week to let loose.


PRs all around!
PRs all around!

My friend Zanna and I ran the Goldy’s 10 mile on a beautiful sunny day. We ran because the race benefits the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital where my best friend donated her kidney to her daughter. Lots of emotion and gratitude on that day!

The course was very challenging and a great opportunity for me to try out my new “don’t charge the hills” mantra. A fellow racer even complimented me on my performance on the hills. She and I were back and forth the whole race but I steadily out paced her at the hill crests. Usually I am sucking wind and cursing so it was a nice change! I am very happy with the race (a PR!) and with the addition of girl friend company pre- and post-race!


The boys are finished with their epically long hockey season. The two older boys and their father all miss the ice time so of course they’ve been signed up for spring hockey. Apparently endurance parents raise endurance children!

All 5 of us are loving the warmer weather and the boys are thrilled to be back in their backyard sand pit. How do we ever spend so many days inside during the winter?


2 thoughts on “Liberty 70.3 Training Part 1

  1. The fact that a full IM is even a thought that has crossed your mind is a good sign! You’ll eventually go for it! Sounds like you’re well organized for the 70.3 training so far too


    1. Thanks for the encouragement Steena! Some days it seems very doable and other days I just want to go back to simply working out. But as my smart sister in law reminded me: “you would just get bored”!


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