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Reflection Pool

LakeSuperiorOnce upon a time my dad and I were talking about how time speeds up as we get older. I distinctly remember it because it was fairly intimidating to me to hear that he felt like as he aged life just passed by more quickly. Ah! I was sort of hoping that age would slow things down a little.

Sometimes my husband and I will catch each other’s eyes over the kids’ heads and exchange the ‘this is crazy’ expression. We keep telling each other that life will slow down in the next season. But that season never arrives! I often feel like we are just riding the waves and trying to grab a giant swell to take a breath.

My main way to manage this stress is to make time for my workouts. Mentally I have a hard time taking ‘rest days’ because days off cause me to be a little crazy. Instead, I try to just schedule lower effort days so that I get to workout and stay sane too.

Me & Nikki take a ride
Selfies show my age – I never know where to look! My buddy Nikki is training for 70.3 again and I am so excited to have some company!!!

During this ‘off-season’ I decided to stay committed to outdoor bike rides and it was so worth it! In Minnesota it seems like at best the outdoor riding season is 6 months long. So short. I used this September & October to work on the bike skills that I lack. Looking back on my 2015 races I know that I need to learn how to corner & when/how to use my brakes. I’m getting there and honestly I’m not in too big of a hurry. I love this process of getting better and becoming more experienced. I started 2015 determined to fall in love with my bike and I completely achieved that goal.

My other big goal this summer was to train and race my first 70.3 at Liberty Triathlon (June). Now that I have raced that distance and know first hand that 1) I can do it and 2) I love it, I am looking forward to finishing two 70.3 races in 2016.

The real challenge will be how to train effectively while my 3 boys are out of school and around the house all summer. The good news is that my husband won’t be marathon training next summer so I will get the prime time 5am slot! The pressure is really on for me to figure this parenting-training balance because I really want to race a full 140.6 in the summer of 2017 when I turn 40. I am going to practice the big training (personal goals) and fun summer producing (kid-centered goals) balance next summer and hope to use this time to prepare my kids for 2017. Cross your fingers for me!

If-it-scares-youAs I swam my laps this morning I kept asking myself: are you sure? My big suspicion is that I will end up liking the 70.3 more than the full 140.6 but I just need to finish one to know for certain. My kids are so excited for me and they keep telling complete strangers that their mom is training for an ironman. It’s actually pretty hilarious/embarrassing because mostly people have no idea what that even means!

Okay so the last thing is that I applied to be a Coeur Sports ambassador for 2016! They are looking for women with heart & courage… so basically me. Every interaction I’ve had with Coeur has been positive and encouraging which tells me that we belong together 🙂

I started buying Coeur tri kits last winter largely because my twitter friend Erin made them look so great. After I bought the first one I was hooked. Not only do the clothes perform amazingly they are so much better looking than the all boring black kits I used to wear.

Plus, from what I can tell the ladies who run Coeur Sports are fantastic supporters of female athletes and furthering the sisterhood of sport. And with all these little boys around me why wouldn’t I love to be on a team of awesome women? It would be just plain fun to be on the team!

Loving the sunshine, open WI roads and my Coeur Sports Tri Kit!

One thought on “Reflection Pool

  1. Good luck on the ambassador application! I think those are some great plans…I’ve been trying to get more serious about my fitness, but think maybe my little guys are just too young. I’m starting to feel very overwhelmed and am not having any fun at all-that’s no good.


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