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I Love Winter Running

No really I do!

In January, my family and I travelled to Mexico and I ran every day. It was just what you’d expect: warm air, strong breeze and well, boring.

In a cold Minnesota winter, there are so many elements to contend with on a run. Will I be warm? Is it windy? Will I be too warm? Will my toes be cold? Will my butt be cold?!? I love it. I suit up like Joan of Arc entering a battle.

As a bonus every muscle feels so frozen that it’s hard to jiggle.

When it’s cold out and the wind is blowing the challenge is to find the beauty and the wonder outside. Instead of feeling like mother nature is out to get me I feel encouraged to live big and embrace all of life.

Don’t listen to the meteorologists! I swear they get paid to scare people inside. Bundle up (use my friend, erin’s guide) and #getoutside. Winter weather can breed apathy and sadness. Being outside will lift the spirit and certainly make you feel something – even if it’s just cold! Anyways all of this cold is just temporary and, before we know it, all of us will be complaining about the humidity.


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