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mas·ter: having or showing very great skill or proficiency


Last week I swam my first Masters Swim practice. I had been stalking this group for about 2 years now. I follow them on social media. I engage its’ members in conversations about the amazingness of the group. But for some reason I just couldn’t pull the trigger and join already. After all I am far from a ‘Master’ at anything. And though I know that the name doesn’t imply mastery in this case, it is still a little intimidating.

Since the beginning of the year I have been dragging a little in the pool. My times are improving and I generally enjoy swimming at the YMCA with it’s assortment of random men and their random comments, but something has been missing.

Then I recruited my friend Kendra to meet me for workouts that I copied from Sara McLarty’s website, Swim Like A Pro. We have had a blast and the comaraderie has carried me through February & March. But then Kendra went on a fabulous vacation with her husband and I had to go back to solo swimming.

Wah Wah Waaahhhh.

It was time to act like a big girl and try a practice. When Kendra returned we took the plunge. (Just one pun, I swear.)

As it has been said before, “Why did it take me so long?”  The workout was very challenging and it was so much fun to be in a pool full of determined and talented swimmers. As a bonus the team’s coach even gave me some flip turn pointers, because don’t we all need those?

Now that I’ve made it through Spring Break and actually got to the pool for my solo swim workouts I am ready to join the team next week when the kids go back to school. I feel like I have finally earned it. And I have to admit, that it is a fun & unusual feeling to be anticipating the swim workouts the most in my swimbikerun training!