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Racing for More

I raced my 2nd Liberty half-ironman (70.3) triathlon this past Saturday. It was steamy, hilly, sunny, hot and grueling. I questioned my commitment. I questioned my sanity. And I tested my grit.

It was not the race I had trained for and that was humbling. My goals fell aside at about mile 8 of the run. And after about another 2 miles of negotiations with myself I cried a little, contemplated recommitting myself to something normal like Bocce Ball on the front lawn and finally resolved to just finish as best as I could on that day.

About 5 minutes after running under the finishing banner and I was already plotting a redemption race.

Maybe a nice 5k or a sprint tri.

OR maybe a full Ironman (140.6)?

The thing is that I think if I were ‘suffering’ for a cause that I would actually enjoy the whole spectacle just a little bit more. All doubt about whether or not I should race an Ironman falls aside when I imagine racing for a cause.

The missing piece for me is whether or not I should commit to a fundraising goal of $3,500. My family cannot cover it on our own. Would this fundraising commitment be more daunting than the race itself? The general entry race entry is still open so I could pay the fee and race. 

If you have done any fundraising at this level, drop me a line and let me know what your experience was like – I appreciate the insight!



3 thoughts on “Racing for More

  1. Congrats on Saturday, Megan! As always, great to see you 🙂 Sorry we didn’t stick around until the end… my stomach and head were not having it.

    I say go for IM! I’ll support you in any way I can!


  2. I’ve raised that amount for Team in Training several times. 10k total over a handful of seasons. If you have professional friends and generous family members, it’s pretty easy. If you don’t, you have to work it like a part time job. Holding events and writing letters and soliciting businesses, etc. But that’s a very doable amount.

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