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Timestamp: August 1, 2016

You’ll probably never hear me say, “how did they get old so fast?” about my own kids. Because honestly, we spend a LOT of time together.

Biking to the Nature Playspace at Lake Nokomis (& eating cookies, of course).

Some friends and I were talking the other day about ambitions and I had to admit that being a mom really is my true ambition in life. It’s not very progressive or daring but it’s the truth. I am glad that it was my choice though and not my obligation. The whole adventure would be different if I hadn’t had the option to pursue a full-time career.

Finally back to knee boarding (and not JUST watching) this weekend.

As it goes with every season there have been some ups & downs. When Leo broke his leg in April it kind of changed the course of the summer because we knew that contact sports (no soccer or 3v3 hockey) and limited camps would be inevitable. So we rolled with it and I decided to embark on a good old fashioned Summer of 1975. Or the closest approximation that living in Minneapolis during the summer of 2016 would allow.

Basically what I’m saying is that we have embraced boredom. And it’s been GREAT.

Jesse’s birthday hanging out at Lake Nokomis.

My husband is a planner extraordinaire so when he’s not working then we have plans. Otherwise we amble from activity to activity as our whims direct us. And there is a whole lot of unstructured time in the backyard, the playground, the pool and the lake.

Noah making up a game with a reed pulled from the Lost Lake swamp.

The best part is that I feel like I really know the boys and the worst part is that they bicker A TON in between their chosen activities.

From what I remember of my own childhood that seems to be a natural by product of time spent together. So we roll. And I make sure to get my training done early & often. Resting while the kids play is the closest to balance I can get to right now.

Almost everyone was happy with my race at Lifetime Minneapolis Triathlon….

2016 has been one of those years where nothing has happened like we planned. It feels like we are in uncharted territory because the unpredictable is sort of our new normal. I’ve come to realize that I really like progress but I’m still working on being comfortable with change. So for now I’m hanging on to today and focusing on the right now, which is always the biggest challenge of all, isn’t it?

Driving remote control cars in the school parking lot.

2 thoughts on “Timestamp: August 1, 2016

  1. That picture from the tri with your youngest (Noah?) being upset in the background is priceless! I don’t always love my job as a stay-at-home Mom, but it’s what I chose as well and most of the time it’s pretty awesome! Glad you’re having some fun this summer-we balanced camps with some boredom and are enjoying lots of bickering too 😉

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