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Rewind…One Busy in Day in August

I figured out why I don’t reflect and write on the good races. They happen. They are amazing and it’s fun to bask in the warm glow of success. But then I move on. Feeling satisfied is a temporary state of being, right?

So rewind back to the beginning of August. I signed up for the Urban Wildland Half Marathon with the hopes of proving to myself that I CAN run 13.1 miles. I set an ambitious goal. I ran speed workouts to get ready. And I executed a nearly flawless race, earning myself a 9 minute PR! It is not the same as running a great 13.1 at the end of a half-ironman distance triathlon, but I’ll take it. Honestly, my ego needed it.

I had about 30 seconds to recover and then I hopped on my road bike and pedaled the 1.5 miles to Lake Nokomis as fast as I could in order to catch the beginning of my sons’ triathlon. Our two oldest boys competed in the Pinky Swear Kids Triathlon again this year. If you need some inspiration in your life then get yourself to a kids triathlon! These kids were amazing. I overheard the best comments from one athlete to another from my cheering location on the bike course. I mean, little kids on bikes with training wheels pedaling their hearts out? Who can watched that and not get all choked up?


Murray straight out of the swim.

Leo back on two wheels and out of the wheelchair!

Noah making absolute sure that his brothers see his brand new water bottle.


Our kids had even more fun than last year. And my husband and I were out of our minds happy to see our 8 year old run again after breaking his leg last spring. After pigging out at the post-race food tent and catching up with friends we gathered our bikes and rode home. In-neighborhood races are the absolute best thing going.


Since only 3 of our 5 member family raced that day (😉) we decided to drive out to Lake Minnetonka and meet friends on their boat to celebrate a beautiful summer day. A crazy busy, but fantastic summer day.

I cannot pass up an opportunity to dive off a boat. I love it!



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