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Goals & Honesty

So it’s January 14 and I think I’ve figured out what I want to do this year. And that goal setting process (honestly, process? more like obsessive rumination punctuated by constant distraction) helped me see the need for a bit more honesty than an Instagram account can provide. Which brings me back to this post!

More sunrises!

2017 Goals

Train happy. Maintain a positive attitude. 

Doesn’t that sound simple? Already I’ve begun to notice the parallels between Ironman training and pregnancy. It’s a lengthy time commitment. Both alter the way that you live your life – diet, sleep, social life. And as soon as an IM veteran or parent hears it’s your first time around you get to hear all the negatives. Seriously what is the deal with this habit?

Also, this is the year that I hit 40. And no, I really haven’t matured that much, so despite all the advice to the contrary I am not going to hire a coach. 50% of that decision is that I cannot afford it. Jesse and I chose to raise three kids, send them to Catholic school, teach them to play hockey all while only one of us works full time. There’s just not enough left after all that! 

Though, truthfully (get used to that word because I’m going to use it a lot) I want to do this myself. I learn so much from my mistakes. I want to hear my own voice in my head. So I’ll follow a plan (thanks Susan!) and I’ll consult the IM veterans, but no coach this time around. 

Be more adventurous. 

When I look back at the last few years of parenting I see a lot of routine experiences. We do what we did last year because we are stable. It makes the kids happy. They know what to expect and what to look forward to. I need to change that up a bit. 2016 taught me that life (wait for it because it’s SUPER cliche): is not certain. All of this could be over tomorrow. It is time to shake up the routine. Hold on tight kids. 


I like pretty pictures. Who wants to read a social media account jam packed with negativity, self pity and disappointments? I know that when I see a pretty picture there are probably 25 or more sub-standard photos in the trash can. Also I know that spreading joy is so much more fun than confessing disappointments. 

I’m not going to change that habit. But I do feel like I should admit that social media shares only inform you to a part of my life. It might *look* like I/we have everything all figured out but let’s get real: that’s just a well-edited photo. 

The flostam & jetsam, artfully arranged

In reality, my bedroom is messier than it has ever been in my life. The Christmas tree is still up in the living room. I just found the bin of soap & other liquids that I brought home from closing the cabin in 2015. My sock drawer is so full that I can no longer open it, so I just pile socks on top of my dresser. And my kids mostly just eat 6 foods. 

We prioritize experiences over stuff and the back side of that is that this house has gotten a little out of hand. Maybe that will change in 2017? Maybe not though, because I want to ride my bike (on the trainer) today, maybe a run outside, quick walk down at Minnehaha Falls and we have 2 hockey practices & a game. ๐Ÿ˜†


6 thoughts on “Goals & Honesty

  1. What a great post! Raising three kids isn’t cheap, is it?? Just when you think you’re getting ahead-all of sudden boots fall apart or a kid seems to grow a foot overnight. Welcome to the club of turning 40 this year-I hope it’s a fantastic year for you!!

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  2. I L.O.V.E. the honesty! And the pic of the dresser in the bedroom = spot on! While we don’t have kids, we have two dogs and both my husband and I train for Ironman, so the house work often gets put on the back burner…needing to be vacuumed, cleaned, laundry piled up (both clean and dirty), dishes piled up, bicycle tires hanging on our hall tree, body glide and chamois butter sitting on our dining room table. Reality is we all have different priorities and things that take the back seat when life takes over. As for a coach, you don’t need one! I didn’t have one for a couple of years. Knowing your goals, listening to your body, and adjusting your schedule to meet your lifestyle will definitely get you to the start and finish line of IMWI and I can’t wait to be there when you achieve that dream! I too turn 40 in less than two months…2017 is going to be a super fantabulous year! Cheers to having fun, new adventures, and more honesty! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Thanks Kecia! And thank you for inspiring me to go for it and just race an IM! Seeing and you your husband in the course last year was so much fun!!! Here’s to having our priorities in the ‘right’ order!

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