For Socks Sake

You know how when you have a canker sore and you cannot stop pestering it? It’s such a small inconvenience but it will change the whole day by just chipping away at my mood. What I’m trying to say is that small issues can wear a person down.

I used to be indiscriminate when choosing socks. Any old pair would do. Then I started running with a little more focus and discovered good running socks. The kind that are thin but not too thin. Short but not below my ankle and likely to fall into my shoes. Like Goldilocks, I found just the ‘right’ pair.

Last Spring, I found a pair of calf height Fitsok socks at Mill City Running. I love them. As my kids would mock, I’m considering marrying them (sorry, Jesse!) I superstitiously wear them on all long runs and care for them fastidiously.

Then I lost one.

I was a woman possessed. I seriously woke up in the middle of the night trying to think of where that blessed sock was hiding. Don’t worry though. It only took me 48 hours of obsession to locate it in the clean linens piled up in my laundry room. (Housework is low on the priorities list!)

So in honor of my favorite socks, I’ve compiled a list of the best running & riding socks in all creation.

  1. Coeur Sports Bike Love. Stylish, pretty and tall. Probably the Uma Thurman of socks.
  2. Fitsock calf height.
  3. Sock Guys Unicorn Magic

Yes, these are among the trivial things that run through my head during Ironman ‘hard weeks’ training.


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