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What I Did Over My Summer Vacation

Easiest question I’ve ever had to answer: train!

The summer of 2017 has been full of all of my favorite things. I can proudly say that I have done every workout in my Ironman Wisconsin training plan – even when I was tired or busy or just a teeny bit OVER it. Now, this has meant that my husband and kids went on weekend trips with out me TWICE. I have missed time with my friends. And I have been excessively tired and have fallen asleep at the beach with my kids on more occasions than I can count!

If I could go back in time to the day that I signed up for IMWI and tell myself one thing, it would be not to worry about how I’d find the time to train and to just overall fear LESS. I am grateful to my husband, family and friends for tolerating and even feigning interest in my training. But mostly, I am beyond thankful that they have all supported me and picked up my slack over these past few months. Also, I am the luckiest woman in the world to have been selected to be on the Coeur Sports Ambassador Team this year because besides the amazing triathlon kits, I have been so fortunate to receive tons of encouragement and support from my team.

I have just one more ‘IM Hard’ week of training, then taper! And lucky me, I get to race SuperiorMan tri (41.5) on August 27th in Duluth, with my best bud since 1990. Then school will start, my new job will start and before I know it we will be driving towards Madison for the big race. If you are into these sorts of things, you can track me on race day (9/10) on the web site using my bib #1865.


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