About Me

I have an abundance of thoughts and a deficit of time.  My kids are too young to care and my friends are too busy raising their too young kids to listen. The most recurring thoughts will mostly likely end up here. If you are interested in swimming, biking, running and racing then you might be interested too!



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello! I found your blog when searching for SuperiorMan race reviews. I hope to do it this year. Are you? I also see that you are training for IM Wisconsin. I hope to do that next summer! Are you still training for that? In reading your recent posts it sounds like you are going through some tough times. I’m a stranger, but your post on grief struck a cord. I hope you’re ok! Hope you are having a good summer in the Twin Cities. Hard to believe it’s almost over! I am a TC mama as well, runner and triathlete. I see your instagram links are down. Hope everything is ok. Do you have a different instagram account now? I have enjoyed looking at your blog. Would love an update now that I feel invested in your journey;) Take care from one BAMR to another!!! Kari

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    1. Hi Kari! I am racing SuperiorMan! Are you signed up? It is really a fantastic race. 🙂

      I’m racing IM WI too! I am so excited and just hope I can keep it together through the taper weeks 🙂

      What’s your instagram account? I’d love to meet you in person in Duluth. Thanks for the note!


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